Shout Camp June 2015

Posted by. Disrupt Tech. June 9, 2015

Let us tell a story of the scorching sun. The summer sun that keeps everybody on the stake of a little cloud, a gentle breeze that could spill out a little happiness from the deep inside of our soul. Let us tell you a story of the clouds; the clouds that were depressed of the miserable heat of the sun and cried at last. The clouds wept with anger, thunder rumbled on the face of the sun, raindrops fell on the summer-scorched land as blessing, nature smiled to the end of the blistering and dreary days.

‘Shout Camp’ took place right in this time of hiding-sun. We, the Disrupt-loud family ran out of the urban monotony to embrace the peace, to get dissolved in the greenness in search of happiness. The destination was Angana Eco Resort, Rajendrapur- a peaceful land of greenness.

What we did there? We played, swam, made BBQ, danced, sang, laughed in joy. We stood on the horizon where the sky touches the trees, where blue touches the green. We stood holding each-other’s hands and shouted out loud on the name of this family, in the oath of touching the sky.

Today, in this corporate age of intense competitiveness everybody is chasing certain goals whether organizational or personal. Sometimes, we lose our souls on this stake of certain goals.This shout camp is not some sort of picnic or tour. It’s intended towards creating a legacy to assure each of the family member’s souls, beside goals; to empower everybody and enable everybody’s inner strengths to maximize the capability to smoothen the path of becoming great.

Finally, the name “Shout Camp” itself expresses the meaning what it is. Yes, we shouted the soul out, and chorused, “So shout out loud, we’re one family and we’re proud.”