About us

Disrupt Technologies is a technology based business innovator in Bangladesh that implements intelligent business processes, that is measurable, predictable and scalable. We offer solutions in all areas of the business,focusingon marketing, sales, operations, management, automation and optimization. We excel in embedding aesthetics to your brand and add integrity to your entity. We are visionaries on a mission to conceive, conceptualize and create.



Our Dreams

The inception of a person’s dream is the dawn in the face of change and innovation. Keeping our dreams alive is our one true incentive in giving birth to digital content that is seamless, yet elusive but downright jaw-dropping. Our content creates the very bridge that connects us with our valued clients and form a fruitful relationship that is mutually satisfying in the long run.



“We build trust”

Trust is and will internally be at the apex of any healthy relationship. We go over-board to ensure that the Dreams of Clients become the Dreams of Us. There has been no instance till date where we have not over-delivered and made our clients happy. We believe that this feeling of elated satisfaction only deepens our bonds with our clients and advocates.

‘Home’- undoubtedly the sweetest place on this earth for any of the living creature. We call it ‘Home’ where we work, where we smile, where we play, where we dive and sink in the feel of belongingness.