About us

Disrupt Technologies is a technology based business innovator in Bangladesh that implements intelligent business processes, that is measurable, predictable and scalable. We offer solutions in all areas of the business,focusingon marketing, sales, operations, management, automation and optimization. We excel in embedding aesthetics to your brand and add integrity to your entity. We are visionaries on a mission to conceive, conceptualize and create.

Are We?

We are a paradigm- changing technology company in Bangladesh and a prominent of wing of Singapore’s tech giant, Ideaverse. We have worked with prolific global names, like that of Adidas, Heineken, AMC, Philips, Billabong, LuxAsia and Performance Motors (BMW). Locally, we are currently doing hybrid business solutions for giants like Dhaka Bank, Link3, Lanka Bangla and Pran, offering them a range of customized services according to their specific needs. We have built numerous brands from scratch and ensured that startups leave their mark in the turbulent business arena of modern times. WE ARE WHO WE WANT TO BE.

We Are?

We operate within the iron clad law of ensuring the ROI of our client, and at the same time, delving into the lofty realms of abstraction and creative magnificence. To ensure clients’ ROI, we use a perfect blend of communication, digital media and strategic marketing. We are experts at identifying core problems and finding multiple solutions. And when these solutions align with the brand identity of our client, the consequent result is sustainable revenue generation. WE ARE GAME CHANGERS.

Our Team

We have leaders, we have thinkers, we have debaters, we have writers, we have musicians, we have planners, we have talkersand we have doers. We are team that works harmoniously, given our various preferences and perspectives. No two people is alike. None of us has the same dream. Still, we are not different. We love to work, we love having fun and most of all we make sure that work is fun. We have each other’s back and treat challenges like battles to overcome. We balance out each other’s weaknesses, capitalize on our strengths, making us invincibly coherent and synergetic. There is not a single moment where we are bored, since we all have our respective roles to play in the game of business and life.