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5 eCommerce engines

Posted by farabi disrupt. August 19, 2019

E-commerce engines are online programs that help businesses build, manage and host their online stores. There are various types of platforms divided into the following categories:

Self-hosted- These are mostly open-source e-commerce solutions that you can install on your server itself. This gives the user..

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New Web Trends – When nothing seems impossible

Posted by farabi disrupt. July 27, 2019

Think about a few years back when we used our phone only for communication, taking pictures or playing games. Now everything has changed. You don’t even wait for the long queue to order your favourite cheeseburger. You can use your fingertip a few times..

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A Day in the Life of a BizDev

Posted by farabi disrupt. July 23, 2019


I open my eyes and look at my phone. 

9 am. 

Is it time already?

As I make my way to the bathroom and absent-mindedly squeeze shampoo onto my toothbrush, I mentally review..

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Web Development in Dhaka

Posted by farabi disrupt. July 21, 2019

This article has been written to shed some light on the aspect of where Bangladesh stands in the world of technology, the opportunities, and how to successfully grow a career in the field. It all starts with globalization. Trade barriers have been broken across countries, allowing the import..

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Selling the Hole!

Posted by Disrupt Tech. July 13, 2019

When you say you love something inanimate, what exactly is it that you love? Is it the object itself, or the feelings you associate with it? Let’s say, for instance, that you claim to love your phone. But when you think about it, do you truly love that..

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