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A Day in the Life of a BizDev..

Posted by farabi disrupt. July 23, 2019


I open my eyes and look at my phone. 

9 am. 

Is it time already?

This article has been written to shed some light on the aspect of where Bangladesh stands in the world of technology, the opportunities, and how to successfully grow..

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Selling the Hole!..

Posted by Disrupt Tech. July 13, 2019

When you say you love something inanimate, what exactly is it that you love? Is it the object itself, or the feelings you associate with it? Let’s say,..

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Microsoft Hololens- The Next Step Into Virtual World..

Posted by Disrupt Tech. June 10, 2015

If somebody ever asks, "What is the nature of technology?" Without any hesitation, getting rid of all rumble jumble the answer that strikes our mind is "Change". These changes occur with..

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