The Perks of Laravel Framework

Posted by. Disrupt Tech. June 27, 2021

Do you know the official statement of Laravel Framework?

It is “Love beautiful code? We do too”.

Yes! We, too, love coding, and this is where Laravel comes in. Laravel is known to be the most efficient and popular PHP framework in the market. Moreover, it has reduced much the pain out of web development.

You may already know that Laravel is not the only PHP framework available in the market. There are other frameworks for developing web applications, like –

♦ Symfony
♦ Yii
♦ Codeigniter
♦ Phalcon, etc.

However, Laravel is one of the best MVC-based web frameworks out there. Ease of use and flexibility are the two major advantages of this Framework.


What is Laravel Framework?

A little recap never hurts. So we know that Laravel is not a programming language. It is an open-source PHP web framework with top-notch flexibility and security. Moreover, the rich set of features have made Laravel one of the chart-topping web frameworks.

Why do we need Laravel instead of core PHP?

It’s because Laravel eliminates the pain associated with managing complex PHP codes. It provides a ready-made template. Besides, the syntaxes are more straightforward. All in all, Laravel makes the process faster and easier.

As you can see, Laravel streamlines the coding process. So developers can focus on the business-related features of an app. For example –

♦ User Experience
♦ Routing
♦ Authentication
♦ Sessions
♦ Caching, and others.

Not to mention, Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell with an intention to make the lives of developers easier.

Now that we know what Laravel Framework is, let’s take a look at the top features that make it popular-

♦ Blade Template Engine
♦ Eloquent ORM
♦ Laravel MVC Architecture
♦ Open Source and Wide Community
♦ Object-Oriented Libraries

The Perks of Using Laravel

Laravel Framework for Web Development

Now the question is, “Why is Laravel so popular?”

The solid answer to this question is flexibility, community, and ease of use. PHP has always been popular. And, when Laravel came with its flexibility and ease of use, it was a no-brainer for the PHP community.

Besides, it is not uncommon to see issues in other PHP frameworks. But, when it comes to Laravel, it is well-spotted and tested. With a better debugging feature, Laravel can also make sure that your code is bug-free.

Hence, Laravel Framework is often highly recommended for web development.

Let’s discuss the benefits in detail. The following advantages of Laravel make your web development experience seamless and efficient –

The Perks of Using Laravel

Faster Time-To-Market

Laravel works on a modular basis to make everyday tasks easier. There are countless pre-built functions to make the development process more efficient. What’s more interesting is, Laravel is an open-source framework. Hence, it has been easy for the developers to make improvements.

Furthermore, the modular structure of Laravel is designed in a way to speed up the web development process and make it quicker. Hence, it ensures faster time-to-market.

The Perks of Using Laravel

Improved Authentication and Authorization

Laravel framework makes the authentication process easy and straightforward to implement. Because it’s easy to-

♦ Login
♦ Register
♦ Reset Password and so on.

Laravel can do it all with short and simple commands. From organizing, authorization, logic to control access – Laravel provides simpler ways.

For example, a recruitment company called VOYlegal wanted to build a job portal. Initially, they built the website using CakePHP. Upon realizing the benefits of Laravel, they switched to the Laravel framework.

The Perks of Using Laravel

Eliminate Technical Vulnerabilities

A study was conducted by OWASP Foundation on technical vulnerabilities. They suggested that the following three types are the most common technical vulnerabilities.

1) SQL injection,
2) Cross-site request forgery, and
3) Cross-site scripting

The fact is, as we move forward with the software development lifecycle, the time and expenses of fixing these vulnerabilities increases. It can be as much as thirty times more expensive in the post-production phases.

As we have already discussed, the Laravel framework is secured. It provides better protection from malware and viruses to attack the program. Hence, you can mitigate, if not eliminate the technical vulnerabilities at the very early stages of the software development life cycle.

The Perks of Using Laravel

Managing Traffic

When the popularity of a website grows, managing traffic becomes challenging. With increased traffic, the number of requests also increases. It means your program needs to deal with a lot more tasks.

PHP Laravel balances the load of messages and helps to maintain a healthy web server. Moreover, the Laravel queue helps speed up time-consuming tasks and sends web requests way faster than before.

The Perks of Using Laravel

Automated Scheduling

Web applications generally have task scheduling mechanisms that help them to automate tasks. For instance, sending emails, notifying app users, etc.

Initially, web developers had to manually enter each task for scheduling. With the emergence of the Laravel framework, we can now put automatic commands. It gets your scheduling done in no time! This feature helps you to reduce costs and perform faster. However, in order to execute a task, you will need a single Corn entry on the server.

The Perks of Using Laravel

Unit Testing

One of the reasons for Laravel’s popularity is its extraordinary testing support. It is crucial to make sure that your web application is bug-free and running smoothly.

Through Laravel Framework, you can automate the testing support, making it less time-consuming to test an application. Moreover, it helps to imitate users’ behavior such as-

⋅ Making request
⋅ Analyzing outputs
⋅ Clicking forms

This testing unit of the Laravel framework will help you test and debug each of your app components. Also, it makes sure that all the modules are working well together. As a result, you will get a high-performing, optimized web application.

The Perks of Using Laravel

Future-Proof Web Application

Another great plus for Laravel is its versatility. It is compatible with the following platforms –

♦ Microsoft IIS,
♦ Caudium,
♦ Xitami,
♦ Apache,
♦ iPlanet,
♦ Netscape and
♦ Tornado

It also backs up a number of databases, such as-

⋅ MySQL,
⋅ MongoDB,
⋅ PostgreSQL, etc

This is why Laravel is being used to build cross-platform apps, enabling organizations to leverage their current tech stack.

Laravel has been empowering web developers and designers to come up with new features and functionalities that match the trends and market demands. Hence, you can build future-read applications without switching technology.

The Perks of Using Laravel


Throughout the write-up, we have discussed the advantages of using the Laravel framework. Its popularity is still rising. Rightfully so! It’s cost-effective, it’s more secured, and it has a shorter development cycle. Moreover, Laravel also makes it more convenient to scale.

So if you are looking to create a strong web experience for your business, Laravel is one of the top choices out there. It has more than 60,000 stars on GitHub for providing extensive support. Not without reason!