Web Development in Dhaka

Posted by. farabi disrupt. July 21, 2019

This article has been written to shed some light on the aspect of where Bangladesh stands in the world of technology, the opportunities, and how to successfully grow a career in the field. It all starts with globalization. Trade barriers have been broken across countries, allowing the import and export of technology and ideas across countries. This has resulted in the dawn of a new era, where multinational companies and international development organizations such as the WTO, IMF, UN and the like have been able to propagate their technology across international boundaries, resulting in Least Developed Countries and Developing countries to evolve in the field through leaps and bounds. Technology does not discriminate. It cannot separate the poor from the rich. As a result, everyone has been blessed by the advent of technology and their lives have been made easier. A good example is how bKash has made banking extremely easy for people all over the country, a fact that wowed Bill Gates and compelled the Gates Foundation to invest in it. Globalization has enabled outsourcing on a massive scale. As a result, western companies that deem that wages are too high to man call centres are outsourcing such functions to countries like India and Bangladesh.

In this day and age, it is an absolute necessity for companies to have a digital front. In most cases the primary point of contact or a portfolio for users to get information about an entity is their parent website. The world is going increasingly digital. People all over the globe have access to devices and the internet, be it teenagers, adults or old-timers, who have become tech-savvy very quickly. Silicon Valley start-ups have encouraged entrepreneurs in our country to themselves develop such companies, as they see the potential of this sector, and appreciate the fact that this industry is industry is growing at the speed of light, by leaps and bounds. Technology is the next big thing with its exponential growth and integration in the Bangladeshi economy and the daily lives of people.

The inroads to the world of technology for millennials and beyond start during the early phases of life, namely through video games. This fascination gradually leads to an interest in all things computer, and sets someone on the path to become a software engineer. A well-rounded knowledge of programming languages such as Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS is quite enough to get started in web development. To start off well, someone should use an international organization as a platform, where an individual is able to get a ton of exposure and gain a lot of exposure in a short span of time. This will surely imbue an individual with the skillset necessary to pursue a career in the path of technology.

Skill comes first and foremost. Learn and analyse skills and trends, what sort of websites are in flux, the languages used to develop them and their demand. Someone who plans to be an entrepreneur in the field needs to have a vision and mission to which their employees are aligned so that there are uniform goals as to what the company wants to achieve in the booming field of technology in Bangladesh. The website you build should have proper documentation, along with a design that is possible for other developers to understand. It has to be scaled according to the taste of the client. Customizing as per the need of the moment is essential. Since this field is highly dynamic, adaptability is key so that everyone stays abreast of the latest changes. A very important aspect is not only focusing on one thing, like web development, but also supplying software like ERP systems so that there are two to three revenue streams. Things like the Internet of Things, Big Data have huge potential, and one might deem it necessary to venture into such fields to become the next industry leader.

ICT is the rage in Bangladesh right now. We have successfully launched our own satellite, are stepping into 5G, and are heavily invested in digital financial services. The promise of a digital Bangladesh looms not so far in the distance, so be the first ones to make the best of it.

Tasin Mahadir Rumy, Business Development Executive