Working from Home? Here’s a WFH Playbook to Guide You!

Posted by. Disrupt Tech. July 3, 2021

We used to be late to the office because of traffic, and the right shirt wasn’t ironed. But in 2021, how the tables have turned! Now we’re late cause we stayed up till 3 am binge-watching Kdramas on Netflix and missed our 9 am alarm clock.

Humans can’t summon discipline on command, and we aren’t wizards. So, a good routine must exist so that a healthy work environment is active. With some vital steps in place, you might be surprised how much work you can finish at home, with just a few changes.

So aside from all the fuss, how does one bustle their way into an effective office routine? That too, while wearing their Pjs to their desk?

The short answer is that you crush it. You crush the feeling that laziness will overcome you, and you smash your mental fog by embracing productivity.

The long answer? Well, here’s your tool kit!

1. Work and Down-time

Leave your office at your desk, and after 5 pm, also leave it from your head. It is human nature to worry, but even after your shift is over, it is not a good idea to keep your work at home.
All of us are struggling to balance our home time with office time. But setting a sensible limit will help address when you leave the office apps and enter the home apps.

Tech tips

Using the same computer for office and personal tasks can be distracting. Work is always going to be around, either at your desk or just in your head.
So, some helpful tips to stay focused – Make bookmarks on your browser for all your essential sites.
Separate those sites with a bookmark folder, that way, you can virtually create a division. For example – in a folder marked “office,” you can place Slack,, Gsheets, Gdoc, etc.
You could even use a completely different browser. Keep the work browser on your desktop so that it’s easy to find. We might not be physically going to the office, but the virtual journey is not bad either!

2. The work and home identity

Clothes are a feature of the place you represent. Are you going to a Halloween party? Dress up as “The Nun” from the horror flicks. Were you planning for an interview? Wear a suit, red tie, oh and get a haircut. It’s all in the clothes, not just to show up and show off, but for yourself to realize what mission you’re on.
Our home is a haven, so we often don’t mind a mess. But now that we are working remotely, it’s vital to declutter so that our focus is not lost. It might be a bit challenging for some people, but here’s the breakdown –

The trap

Please do not fall for it, the comfy PJs, the laid-back top. It’s all a trap. It may seem like a perk at first to wear whatever you desire and meet deadlines, but it isn’t.
A major cause is that the clothes you sleep in are helping your brain to know what helps you sleep. But a formal getup helps your brain know that it’s time for work. So dress for work, and you’ll see a better mindset take place.

Mind your surroundings

Working at an office makes you feel that you have left your home behind. But, while you are in your room, typing, making company phone calls, your TV is right near you. You can’t fight the urge not to watch another episode of Breaking Bad.
We’ve all been there, my friend.
So what you can try is to shift your work tasks to a separate room. Or, you could try working at a safe cafe for a few hours to get into the whole buzz. Productivity is essential, and while working from home, make your bosses feel assured. You got this!

3. Meet or Meat?

Do you eat out often? It must be a bummer for everyone who can’t schedule their regular meetups at their favorite cafés or restaurants.
Fine dining, sure, isn’t the highlight in 2021.
Albeit the consequences, cooking is still a crucial part of our lives. But it is also a helpful way for anyone to unwind after a long day of filing paperwork.
Want to get into cooking? There are plenty of easy recipes that are simple to do at home!

Where the office ends, the kitchen begins

It is a very comfortable way of life when your food is prepared for you. Just how you wanted it, and on time. But, because we are all managing deadlines at home, we might forget about mealtime.
Nobody wants to feel the burnout and stress of overwork. So, it is a great idea to cleanse your mental aura by taking a few lessons online. Or, you can try out new recipes with your family.
Cooking is not only meditative. It’s also a bonding tool. That’s what we need during tough times. The bonds and friendships we make help us to get through hurdles. So make sure to make a schedule to start preparing your lunch. Or you could even meal prep and be able to relax for the entire week!

Soul food

The new KFC ads sure do look pleasing, but is it a healthy choice? Probably not, so you should watch your diet now and then.
The tragic shift of this COVID-19 pandemic has made people opt for easy calls. Unfortunately, the easy choice of food isn’t necessarily the best one. Yes, of course, you could pick up a fruit and eat it. But a large meal? Cooking it? Not everyone wants to do that after an eight-hour shift.
But taking it out for a week may increase your blood pressure. It might make you sluggish, or worse, you might have to buy plus-size clothes! What a nightmare!
Eat more fruits, drink more water, go on walks, respect your body. Follow these key points to stay alert and healthy, and live a life where you can always commit 100%.

The Bottom Line

We are all people who feel pain and struggle with everyday tasks. Not only is it crucial to divide work and personal tasks under the same roof. But also, reflect. Reflect on yourself, and understand that it’s okay to feel negative.
Admit and rise. There are so many ways humans can stay motivated and maintain their sanity. Exercise, meditation, and spending time with loved ones are some great ways, for example!
But, the bottom line is to make sure to put your heart and soul first. Relax! Once all that’s taken care of, everything else is a piece of cake. Reward yourself. You deserve it, really!