A Worldwide View of Aggressive Marketing: Does It Have Any Limit?

Posted by. Disrupt Tech. September 21, 2021

Do you see ads every now and then whenever you’re peacefully browsing the web? Do they confuse you or tempt you? Of course, no one is going to judge you for ordering something you probably don’t need. 
But was it the you who wanted to make the purchase willingly, or the you that was drawn in for one? 
Worry not, everyone has their way of consuming content. That’s okay because we live in a world where marketing is at the core of internet media. Every business is trying to get its word out. And more and more forceful tactics are being used.
Aggressive Marketing (AM) is a method to reel in the fishes with gold-infused bait. As inappropriate as it may sound, the fishes are we, and the baits are the marketing campaigns that show how a purchase is super urgent. 
The words and images on an ad can be tough to ignore, and the influence is almost unavoidable for many. 

AM inspires a plethora of other marketing tactics. A company can adopt an empathic approach and understand the POV of customers. There is also market research because how else would we know the masses, right? 

Don’t worry, to make things easier here’s a toolkit for you to follow!

Worldwide and consumer view of aggressive marketing

A brand can send a message that will reach many people. The message should be easy to catch, and no hidden agenda can exist. AM can either be an entertaining way for consumers to see a brand’s ad, or a sense of pressure can be felt. 

To clear it up, think of it as a simple rivalry. When two friends argue, an entire group usually finds it quite funny. This is because the two friends know quite a lot about each other, and so the offense is comedic. Similarly, when two companies compete with modern ads, it is seen as an AM tool. 

The consumer angle is a bit more complex. This is because not only are we inclined to fall for the AM trap, but we may not even understand the limitations of it. 

AM does not have any limit because brands will always find an edge in their aims to persuade a customer. 

Rather, the limit is for us, everyday consumers, who can avoid flashy prices, and colorful wordy ads. AM, should not be cryptic, it should be out in the open so consumers can know what is sensible and what isn’t. 

Here’s an example of a worldwide AM approach that had mixed feelings –
When Microsoft launched its “Bing It On” campaign in 2013, it was shown as an interesting tactic towards Google users. Because Microsoft showed that a selected audience of people chose to use Bing over Google and that the former was superior! 

However, people had doubts over how valid the entire ad campaign was. So, this is why consumers may not always take it lightly when it comes to brands.  

Unhealthy practices and limitations 

Social media has enriched our lives with more options. What options? – you might ask. Well, everything from shopping to finding jobs. The modern-day has brought along modern marketing that helps you find what you need. 

But, even modern marketing has an aggressive side, one which requires careful thought. 

Do you ever see bold ads in all caps? Yeah, I know, right? It feels like the letters are going to jump out of the screen and hit your face.

It is an unhealthy practice when you consider profit over quality. Yes, we all can use a catchy advert. But marketing should be about the customer and giving them what they need or want. 

In very extreme cases, medicine is even sold without proper paperwork just because the pharmacy wants to make a quick buck for a larger audience. They will use an AM strategy to target people and exploit them.  

As for social media, you need to connect with your customers and develop a proper base. Because empathy always wins, even though AM can catch on at times, it still isn’t the victor. 

Showing Empathy

The response from customers is vital for any business. How often have you shown loyalty to one store for years or went to the same barber/salon for a haircut? It’s all in the system of showing empathy. No matter how big or small, it is essential to stay connected with consumers. 

So when AM tactics come into play, empathy might fall behind. But it depends on how you are targeting your ads. If the prospects feel like you are doing something only to increase your profit margin, you may lose loyal followers overnight if your product is not up to par. 

Now more than ever, in 2021, it should be on the top list of priorities for every company to show empathy. For customers, give enough value to the products you sell and make sure there are safe deliveries. You could try an AM strategy, but make sure it can focus on benefits and the product is genuine. 

Addressing AM as a medium 

Do you have a business of your own? Does it have a unique selling point? What separates Pepsi and Coke from tasting the same? All are valid and vital questions that need to be answered! Probably not the last one, but both are big companies that have amassed a fortune selling their goods and services. 

The question is do all large companies, or even SMEs consider AM as their last resort or their initial approach? Startups can be aggressive at times because the business world is constantly growing, and it is tough to enter the market and prosper. 

Should you use AM as a medium? It’s absolutely up to you. Remember, we are all free to make a choice. But it’s the weight of that choice that should be carried ethically on our shoulders. 

You can opt to make an ad that influences your customers to constantly buy your product with bold statements. You can also choose to compete with other brands. But the focal point is that you must own up to it. Otherwise, the backlash of an AM strategy will be a negative issue for your brand. 


Aggressive Marketing has no cap that you can limit because that’s the beauty of marketing. It’s fair game. It is fair game until your loyal customers don’t like your approach. 

With all this in mind, it is crucial to consider why you should take an AM method. This is in no way demeaning the method because there have been successful AM tactics in history that have been proven efficient

The key is to find the right balance. That is between making a product that is worth selling at a mass appeal and also using a sensible approach to influence a purchase. 

Show customers, you actually care, and that will go down in history equally well as a bold ad.