AI in Everyday Life

Posted by. Disrupt Tech. August 25, 2021

There is a common misconception among some people that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about science fiction robots. They might feel it has nothing to do with them. 

Interestingly, you might not be realizing this, but there’s a good chance you are using Artificial Intelligence from morning till you go to bed. You can’t estimate how many AI products you are already getting addicted to day by day. 

Even some people think that AI will reduce human labor, and it’s not so far when people will be unemployed because of AI. Let’s not jump into this future already. Let’s discuss what is going on around us for now. 

Artificial Intelligence: A Part of Our Everyday Life

If our ancestors were alive, they would call it magic or supernatural power which we now call technology. And AI is such a technology that has prominently taken place in our everyday life. How?

Using Mobile Phone

Think, how would your life be without your mobile? Yes, we can’t think even a day without this. Most importantly, according to research, 46% of Americans check their phone before getting out of bed. Not only this! People unlock their mobile with a face ID that is also a part of AI. 

Social Media

When we scroll our newsfeed in social media apps, AI influences a ton of what we will see through the platform. It shows content with regards to your tastes, preference, and history from your online activities. 

Whether you use Spotify, Netflix, or YouTube, it is AI that is making decisions for you. AI curates the information and makes your feed more relevant for you. If you ever wondered why you scroll unstoppably on your social media, it’s because AI knows how to keep you hooked! 

The recommended section completely goes with your taste and also it’s scary. The purpose of AI is to make you come back to that platform again. Even when you start to type, AI can predict what you might ask through your top-ranked searches. 

Household Stuffs

If we need to switch off or switch on the light, fan, AC, etc., we have AI to make ourselves comfortable by making a smart home based on human presence. Besides, we are familiar with using automatic vacuum cleaners, which measure the size of the room, scan the obstacles, and decide the most efficient way to sweep the space.  

Navigation Apps

Even if you go outside, you have to take the help of AI. 

When you regularly commute anywhere, it requires the need for AI. Navigation apps such as Google Maps look over the movement of traffic. It tells you how long it will take to reach your destination and suggests the fastest route for your journey with the help of AI.

Suppose you choose to take Uber instead of driving by yourself. Here is another example of AI  because ridesharing apps determine the rent of your ride or probable time to wait for Uber with the help of AI. Thus AI is creating a visible impact in everyone’s life.     

Digital Assistant

Do you remember that you utilize smart assistants to add items to your shopping list or call a friend?- Exactly. Today digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc., are also the most popular use of AI. If you have your hands full, you can utilize these apps to perform your task. 

These apps take your voice command and translate it into operation. There is no doubt that voice assistants will become stronger and more capable over time to help us in our regular life. Some of the common uses of assistants are: 

  • Message Dictation
  • Google Research
  • Alarm
  • Timer
  • Reminder
  • Media playback, etc.   

Spam Filter

Email is another most frequently used form of communication in our daily life. We get hundreds of emails on a daily basis. We don’t read all of them as the messages are for different reasons such as advertisements, alerts, personal messages, etc. 

The surprising fact is that your email inbox employs AI. Yeah, it’s quite surprising but true. AI divides your inbox into different categories like primary, forums, updates, promotion, spam, etc. 

The spam filter of your email inbox is operated by a set of rules in order to keep your inbox risk-free. The spam filter learns from various signals, phrases, specific words, etc, by which it can filter out 99.9% of spam.

Besides these categories, AI assists you to come up with automated responses with ‘thanks’, ‘let’s do it by using just one button. 

Text Editor

The most common scenario we notice is auto-correcting tools. You might be unaware of the fact that you are already using one of the examples of AI that is checking what you are writing. 

Whenever you type a document, there are inbuilt tools or downloadable tools for the editor. These tools enable you to check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and plagiarism. AI uses machine learning to identify incorrect language and give suggestions to improve. 


There was a time when people had to run to the bank for every transaction. But now you don’t have to worry about the payment process. Banks have started operating with AI to simplify the payment system. 

You can deposit your money to the bank despite being at home. Even AI is working to identify fraud by analyzing credit card users’ using patterns. AI follows the history of users such as what you buy, from where you usually buy, in what price bracket you fall, etc. If AI identifies any abnormal transaction from your card, it instantly alerts you. 

Even when you apply for a loan or credit card, the financial institution instantly determines whether to accept your application or not. If they agree with the application, they have to decide what to offer you. Banks use AI to develop your FICO score, which will dictate whether to accept your application or not. Research shows that machine learning can reduce the bank’s losses by 25%.  

Frankly speaking, we have only shown you a trailer of the uses of AI in our daily life. There are countless more. From waking up with the alarm to going to bed with our favorite music streaming service, AI is lurking from the background in every sector. Though everything has good and bad impacts, carrying out positivity is the best we can do so far.